No longer afraid of the cold sister Kim teach you a variety of plush coats

Ben Wang said on November 10th, Lidong passed. Are you ready to resist cold? If you don't have a look at the plush coat worn by Gold sister, not only can you resist the cold, but you can also look beautiful in the cold winter.

Long section


Gold sister's long coats are all sorts of different. Because the curves are obvious, wearing an ordinary trench coat will make you look fat. However, after wearing a plush coat, this texture won't make Kim Sister look bloated. Even if she is pregnant, she can wrap herself in a plush coat.


There are a lot of coat collar designs will be plush, Kim's sister just this length, so that her upper body looks more slender. Chest sister can use such a coat to be thin, otherwise the more winter wear the more fat.


This layered plush vest is also a graceful and elegant feel, although she does not look fat.

Short paragraph


Gold sister will wear a short plush coat, for example, although this looks very heavy, but because it is a short paragraph looks lighter than a long coat.


The plush coat that Gold sister wears will have a layer by layer feeling, which is less monotonous than an ordinary coat.


But the light-colored plush was completely invisible, so she had no sense of depth in her body and made her look bloated with no good-looking curves.

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