What is the difference between platinum and silver?


What is the difference between platinum and silver?

(1) Weight: Platinum has a high density, and its specific gravity is twice that of silver.

(2) Look at the color: the appearance of white gold is grayish white, the texture is relatively hard; the white silver color is white and the texture is smooth and delicate.

(3) Chemical method: Put some crumbs of platinum on the touchstone, and add a little mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. If the debris does not disappear, the sample is platinum. If the debris disappears, the sample is silver.

(4) Fire method: The color of platinum is unchanged after being cooled by fire, and the color is red or black after the silver fire is cooled.

(5) Imprint method: Platinum ornaments are marked with "pt" or "plat", while silver jewelry is marked with "s".

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