Wear a bomber jacket! Absolutely eye-catching COOL taste

This site on November 16 hearing, today we talk about the pilot jacket! Cold autumn air strikes, to a jacket like this, is definitely eye-catching COOL taste full! First take a look at Europe and the United States Street look!

The American Alpha bomber jacket evolved from the US military uniforms is now a fire! The earliest fire is Japan, look at Harajuku Street, various styles of pilot jackets of various colors have been eloquent interpretation of ah!

Now let's talk about how to match this baby with it!

Highlight 1: A short military green pilot jacket

The colors of the military and the Obamas are the best interpretations of the basics. Trousers or small pleated skirts can be easily matched, as long as the color of the ride is not the military green and the bright red color, how to look good with almost!

Coupled with jeans, and this year's hot and bare boots, is really the best match!

A black simple dress marked with a military green jacket, casual neutral look.

Highlights II: Colorblock flight jacket

For accustomed to the military green, come to a special color, jujube red bomber jacket with the same color of clothing is also very sensible with high-heeled boots with wool hats and high water platform, very chic!

Neutral dress of the influx of people love the gray, leopard and shirt to wear the bottom, so that the low-color clothing has bright spots.

Cortex black beige colorblock jacket, delicate embroidery on the chest look very soft!

Highlight three: long flight jacket

There is a lot of short flight jackets, isn't it looking for something special? Try a long jacket!

The long aviator jacket is a modified version, allowing the handsome American flight jacket to increase the neutrality of women.

This long-sleeved jacket is really worth noting! It's more like a jacket than a coat. The texture of lace makes the jacket a bit more feminine.

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