Chest droop how to do? Sissel shares how to solve chest sagging

Small chest woman want to have a big breasts, but the big chest does not care well, it is easy to become droop does not look good, good body standards, not just thin enough, we all like the "hourglass" figure, Chest sagging, what is the solution? ?


Option One: pay attention to posture adjustment, sitting upright chest, walking is straight back, sleeping position or lateral position, less prone.


Option 2: Choose Breast food, mainly lettuce, papaya, walnuts, pine nuts, soybeans, green beans, black beans, Chinese wolfberry, peanuts, black sesame seeds


Program three: to strengthen the exercise of the chest muscles, however, the prevention and treatment of chest sagging in fact the role is not very significant.

Option 4: Choose a suitable underwear : choose a good underwear, elastic underwear, breathable, suitable underwear chest can be placed in the right place, to avoid the busy work caused by involuntary ptosis of the chest. (I heard that the chest care and drooping chest with oh ~)


Sisier easy to shape a good body!

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